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Which of these three cities was a British Colony? A. California. B. New Orleans. C. Massachussetts, Who said...: "No taxation without representation"? A. George III. B. Charles Townshend. C. The colonists, What did happen during the Boston Massacre? A. A group of soldiers were killed. B. A group of colonists were killed., Who was the leader of the young Whigs? A. Benjamin Franklin. B. Charles James Fox. C. Adam Smith, The laws that the British Parliament passed after the Boston Tea Party were: A. Sugar act. B. Tea Tax. C. Intolerable Acts., What was the Boston Tea Party?: A. A protest. B. A law. C. A party., Which was the currency in the colonies?: A. Dollar. B.Pound. C. Euro., When was Independence declared?: A. 9th July 1776 B. 4th July 1786 C. 4th July 1776, Who was chosen Commander-in-Chief of all the Colonial Troops?: A. Thomas Paine B. George Washington C. Benjamin Franklin., Which surrender assured the independence of the United States?: A. The Seven Years War. B. The Battle of Chesapeake Bay. C. The Battle of Saratoga..

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