It's quarter past one, It's two o'clock, It's half past four, It's ten to seven, It's seven o'clock, It's five past nine, It's eighteen to eleven, It's twenty past eleven, It's quarter to two, It's midnight, It's noon, It's one forty-five am, It's two thirty-five am, It's three fifty am, It's four am, It's six am, It's seven o' six am, It's nine o' two am, It's ten twenty-five am, It's eleven thirty am, It's twelve sixteen am, It's one forty-five pm, It's two thirty-five pm, It's three fifty pm, It's four pm, It's six pm, It's seven o' six pm, It's nine o' two pm, It's ten fifteen pm, It's eleven thirty pm,

What time is it? Last man standing


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