1) Benjamin: "I often have a big hamburger." a) Benjamin said (that) he often had a big hamburger b) Benjamin said (that) he often had had a big hamburger 2) Hannah: "They live in Boston." a) Hannah said (that) she has lived in Boston. b) Hannah said (that) she lived in Boston. 3) Dominic: "She understands Japanese." a) Dominic said (that) she understood Japanese. b) ominic said (that) she had understood Japanese. 4) Jessica: "I am going to clean the room." a) Jessica said (that) she was going to clean the room. b) Jessica said (that) she had been going to clean the room. 5) Teacher: "Rachel has never been to Philadelphia." a) The teacher said (that) she was never to Philadelphia. b) The teacher said (that) she had never been to Philadelphia. 6) Lucy: "The train didn't arrive on time." a) Lucy said (that) the train wasn't arrived on time. b) Lucy said (that) the train hadn't arrived on time. 7) Nick: "Walter doesn't eat meat." a) Nick said that Walter didn't eat meat. b) Nick said that Walter wasn't eat meat. 8) Emma: "I'm sitting on the chair." a) Emma said that she did sitting on the chair. b) Emma said that she was sitting on the chair.




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