1) Who sent this message? a) The women's curling team b) The men's curling team c) The Queen d) The Beijing Olympic Committee 2) The main purpose of the text is to: a) tell the reader about the Winter Olympic Games. b) send praise and good wishes. c) inform the GB teams that they have won medals. 3) The style of the text is: a) formal yet friendly. b) cold and distant. c) informal and happy. 4) On what date did the men's curling team win a medal? a) Saturday Feb 19 b) Sunday Feb 20 c) Monday Feb 21 5) Each paragraph of the text contains one comma. In which paragraph is a comma used to separate items in a list? a) Paragraph 1 b) Paragraph 2 c) Paragraph 3 6) There are four apostrophes in the text. They are used to show: a) possession. b) regular plurals. c) a contraction (a word with one or more missing letters). d) quotations. 7) Which answer best describes the word coaches as it is used in the text. You can use a dictionary. a) single decker buses b) trainers c) comfortable pieces of furniture that seat several people 8) Which answer best describes the word outstanding as it is used in the text. You can use a dictionary. a) waiting to be done b) exceptionally good c) standing outside 9) The best word to replace throughout and keep the meaning of the text is: a) inside b) outside c) along d) across 10) The word success is used in the text. Which one of these related words is spelt incorrectly? a) successful b) sucessfuly c) unsucessful d) succession 11) What is the singular form of communities? a) communitey b) communitie c) community 12) [You can research the answer to this question]. The signature at the end of the message is Elizabeth R. The R is an abbreviation for: a) Regina b) Windsor c) Rex d) Royal




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