1) What is this used to record? a) Temperature b) Rainfall c) Wind speed 2) The Beaufort Scale is used to record what? a) Wind speed b) Fog c) Cloud size 3) What is this used to record? a) Wind Speed b) Wind Direction c) Rainfall 4) Which of the following is NOT a form of precipitation? a) Rain b) Snow c) Fog d) Hail e) Sleet 5) What is the name of this instrument? a) Rain gauge b) Rainmeter c) Thermometer 6) When measuring cloud cover how many squares is the sky divided up into? a) 4s b) 6s c) 8s 7) What is this? a) Wind b) Snow c) Fog 8) What is this? a) Rain b) Hail c) Snow 9) Which element of the weather is needed for these machines to work? a) Air pressure b) Precipitation c) Wind 10) Which element of weather has affected this man? a) Precipitation b) Temperature c) Wind




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