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This countries wealth depended on its overseas empire. - Britain, The Kaiser wanted an overseas empire like Britain – a ‘place in the sun’. He needed a strong navy to do this. - Germany, This country wanted Alsace and Lorraine back from Germany. - France, This country needed a strong navy to keep sea routes open and protect its huge empire. - Britain, This country was in an alliance with Austria Hungary and Germany. - Italy, This country was worried about another country called Serbia. - Austria Hungary, As this country was an island it felt safe from invasion. - Britain, This country was the largest of the Great Powers, but the least developed. - Russia, This country was taking over Britain at this time as the world’s leading industrial power. - Germany, This was country was an empire made up of people from different nationalities, such as Germans, Hungarians, Czechs, Poles and Serbs. - Austria Hungary, This country had a war with France in 1871, it had taken two areas from France called Alsace and Lorraine. - Germany, This country disliked Austria Hungary and supported Serbia. - Russia,
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