Dogs bite many people each year., Many of these dogs are family pets., Any dog that is teased or hurt may bite., Dogs that are scared may bite., Young children are most likely to be bitten., Children and adults should follow these rules about dogs., Never bother a dog that is eating or sleeping., Stay away from unfamiliar dogs., Sometimes when you are walking, a dog will follow you., If you are afraid of the dog, what can you do?, First, stop walking. Second, look into the eyes of the dog., Third, say, “STOP” to the dog in a loud voice., Keep your arms and hands close to your body., Do not kick at the dog. Do not try to run away., If you start to run, the dog will think you are trying to play., The dog may chase you. Try to walk away from the dog slowly..

Dogs: Friend or Foe? -- Sentence Scramble




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