1) Half of television viewers have binge watched ……….. hours of a TV show in one go.   a) 6  b) 7   c) 8  2) ……….. of binge watchers have sacrificed sleep to continue watching a TV show.   a) 28%   b) 58%   c) 80%  3) One in ……….. British workers admits to calling in sick to stay at home and binge watch TV shows.   a) five   b) seven   c) ten  4) Nearly ……….. of us have lied about watching a series because other people were talking about it.   a) 1/2   b) 1/3   c) 1/4 5) The coronavirus pandemic led to a sharp increase in binge-viewing: HBO, for example, saw a ______ % jump in subscribers watching three or more episodes at once starting on Mar. 14, 2020, around the time when many states implemented stay-at-home measures to slow the spread of COVID-19. a) 55% b) 65% c) 75%




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