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When did you first use the Internet?, What are some of the benefits of the Internet?, What are some of the dangers of the Internet?, How much time should children spend on the Internet?, How has the Internet changed the world?, What will the Internet be like in 10 years?, About how many hours a day do you use the Internet?, Who uses the Internet the most in your family?, Have you ever bought something using the Internet?, How can the internet help you learn English? Do you take advantage of this?, What are some of the ways the Internet can be used for education?, What are some of the ways the Internet can be used for entertainment?, What are the sites you most commonly access?, Tell your partner/group about one website you really like., What social networking sites do you use?, Who do you communicate with by using social networks?, If you were asked to “disconnect” (no cell phones or Internet) for a period of two weeks, how easy or hard would it be for you and why?, What new features would you like to see on social networking sites?, Are you an active social networks user?, How often do you check your social media accounts?.

Questions about the Internet


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