effect  - (n) a change that is because of an earlier action, mass production  - (n) making large amounts of something by using machines, demand  - (n) the amount of things people want and ask to buy, manufacturer  - (n) a person or company that makes things to sell, expected  - (adj) something that happens that is not a surprise, landfill  - (n) a large area where trash is put, factory  - (n) a building or group of buildings where things are made, waste  - (n) something unwanted that is thrown away., try on  - (v) to test wearing an item of clothing to see if you like it, society  - (n) all people living together in an area, recycled  - (adj) something that was unwanted or thrown away used for something else, seem  - (v) look like, industry  - (n) the economic activity of a particular area (e.g. health, tourism, car making...)., sustainable - (adj) able to be continue into the future,




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