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Peces_De_Colores, La_Persistencia_De_La_Memoria, Olive_Harvest, The_Four_Seasons, Girl_With_A_Red_Balloon, Fighting_Temeriare, Forma_Grido_Viva_L'Italia, Garden_Of_Aranjuez, Lakeside, The_Mirror_Of_Soul, Modern_Idol, Monna_Lisa, Still_Life_With_Knife, Otoportre, Portrait_Of_Pietro_Bembo, The_Window, Traditional_Lunch, Story_Within_A_Square, Anna_Taratiel, Llibertat, Shells, Umbrellas, Rotation of a dancer with parrots, Triumph of Death , Mate Celestin Medovic, Sirens Odysseus, Kalanta, Duro Pulitika,

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