After Passepartout save the princess, they left very quickly on ____ The next stop was ____. They bought ____ to the Princess. Her name was ____. They took a train to Calcutta, and Mrs. Aouda thank them for their help. She said that she can ____ go back home. Mr. Fogg invited her to go to Hong Kong. Mrs. Aouda have a ____ living in Hong Kong. When they got to Calcutta, a policeman took them to see a ____, because they ____ in a temple in Bombay. Fogg gave 2.000 pounds to the court, and they ____ to prison. They get onto the ship to ____, and when they get there, Mrs. Aouda learns that her cousin moved to ____. Mr. Fogg invites Mrs. Aouda to go to ____ with them. Passepartout wants to buy ____ on the Carnatic Ship, from Hong Kong to ____. The Carnatic Ship leaves early that ____. When Passepartout leaves the office, he meets ____. Mr. Fix invites him for a ____, and say that Mr. Fogg is the thief, and that he wants to arrest ________ Mr. Fix buys drink after drink, and Passepartout gets ____. Later, Passepartout wakes up and go onto the Carnatic Ship. The ship leaves and Mr. Fogg and Mrs. Aouda ____ in it.




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