Gloria has a ____. Her ____ is Blanca. Blanca is 14 ____ old. She will be 15 soon. She wants to buy a dress for her 15th ____. They go to the clothing ____. They look at the ____ for girls. Blanca tries on a large yellow dress. She doesn’t ____ the color. She tries on a blue dress with purple sleeves. It is ____ small. She ____ on a white dress with a black belt and silver flowers. She loves it! Blanca ____ her mother the dress. Gloria looks at the price ____. The dress is very ____. “I’m sorry,” says Gloria. “This dress costs too much.” “Please, please!” says Blanca. Gloria ____ to the store manager. “Do you have any dresses like this one that cost ____?” “No, I’m sorry,” says the manager. “We only have one dress like that. But that dress will be on ____ tomorrow. The store opens at 8:00 a.m.” The next day, Blanca and Gloria go to the store early in the ____. They are the first people in the store. The dress is on sale. They ____ the dress for Blanca. She looks ____.




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