full of beans - energetic, heartless - cruel, callous, hen-pecked - a man dominated by his female partner, tight-lipped - secretive, hot-blooded - impulsive, laid back - relaxed, light fingered - a thief, long in the tooth - old, green-fingered - good at gardening, light on their feet - nimble, agile, skinny - extremely thin, stuck up - consider yourself superior to others, thin on top - balding, losing hair, wet behind the ears - naive, gullible, inexperienced, down in the dumps - miserable,glum, hard of hearing - a little deaf, bed-ridden - an invalid who cannot leave their bed, on the dole - unemployed, laid up - temporarily unable to get out of bed due to illness or injury, broke - penniless, broken-hearted - very unhappy, desolate, dead beat - exhausted, off colour - not well, in the pink - looking/feeling well and happy, scared stiff - very frightened, tongue-tied - can't speak due to nerves, peckish - hungry, keyed up - anxious, nervous, ill at ease - uncomfortable with the situation, hair-raising - frightening,

Idioms to describe people 2 (English)


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