1) Describe something dangerous you have done 2) Tell something that you have learned this term 3) Which capital cities have you been to? 4) Talk about the best meal you have ever eaten 5) What is a sport you have never tried but would like to? 6) Describe the best teacher you have ever had. 7) What is a place you have been going to a lot recently? 8) What is the best game you have ever played? 9) Talk about the longest journey you have ever been on 10) What is something you have done too many times? 11) What's the longest time you have spent away from home? 12) How long you have lived at your present home? 13) What is something you haven’t done yet? 14) What is the most exciting thing you've ever done? 15) Talk about: The best holiday you have ever had 16) Talk about: A film you have seen many times 17) Talk about: A new word you have learned recently 18) Talk about: Someone interesting you have met recently 19) What is the most expensive thing you have ever bought? 20) What is an important exam you have passed? 21) How long have you studied English? 22) Talk about: Something you have done recently 23) Talk about: Something you have stopped doing 24) Talk about: A friend you have known for a long time 25) Talk about: Something that has made you smile recently 26) Talk about: A beautiful place you have visited




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