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A: How can I [help] you, sir?B: I’d like some [information] about a castle here in Scotland.A: Well, [there] are many castles.B: Yes, I know. I don’t [remember] the name of theone I want to visit. It’s very [popular], though.A: Do you [mean] Stirling Castle, sir?B: Yes, that’s the one. What [time] does it open?A: It [opens] at 9.30 every day, and in summer it closes at 6 p.m.B: [Thank] you very much.A: And here’s a [leaflet] so that you can read all aboutit. Would you like any more information?B: Yes, actually I would. Is there any [traditional] food, maybe something sweet, here in Scotland that I can buy to take back home?A: I [recommend] shortbread or clootie dumpling. They’re both delicious.B: Sorry, I didn’t [get] that. Shortbread and what?A: Clootie dumpling. It’s [like] a cake.B: How do you [spell] ‘clootie’?A: It’s C – L – [double] O – T – I – E.B: Thank you for your help.A: No [problem]..

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