1) ISTINJAK IS  a) cleaning private part after pee pee and poo poo. b) cleaning house after kenduri 2) Hukum Istinjak is a) haram b) wajib c) sunat 3) ____ is an important part of Islam. a) Cleanliness b) Dirty 4) WHAT DO WE NEED TO CLEAN? a) Najis, urine, air mani and blood b) Najis, urine & pig poop. 5) The first and foremost tool to istinjak is a) leaf b) water c) tissue 6) Besides that, we also can use something _____ for istinjak. a) sharp b) rough c) cute 7) The rough tools must be _____ a) dirty b) clean c) dusty 8) We can not use ____ for istinjak a) food and bone b) ice tea c) coffee

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