obelisk - very important monument in Buenos Aires, cars - private vehicles that people use to travel, buildings - places where people live in cities, buses - public means of transport, cows - animal that gives milk, carts - people use this to travel in the country, post office - if we want to send a letter, we go to this place, gas station - we take our car here to fill up more fuel., school - we learn here, museum - we may find paintings and sculptures here, sheep - this animal gives us wool, barn - farmers keep animals here in the country, park - green area in the city, farmer - person that works in the country, wolf - animal with sharp teeth, streets - buildings are on the __________ in the city, traffic light - it tells us if we may cross the street or not, tractor - people use this vehicle to work in the country, restaurant - we may have lunch here, horses - animal we may ride,

What can we find in our city? Level 2




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