1) A dosser is... a) A bossy woman b) A person who lives in Dublin c) A lazy person 2) A sham is a synonym of  a) Dude b) A friend c) Both of them 3) What does "I'm codding you!" mean?  a) "I'm just messing with you". b) "I'm calling you on the phone". c) "I'm telling you the truth". 4) What does "Bogger" mean?  a) A person from Dublin. b) The people who live outside Dublin. c) A child. 5) How do you say "taxi" in Irish slang? a) Joe Max b) Jo Maxe c) Jo Maxi 6) What does "jackeen" mean? a) Someone from a rural area. b) How people call Dubliners c) Someone from England. 7) If you like "effin' and blindin', you like... a) saying bad words b) Praying c) going to pubs 8) If you are buzzin' you are.... a) drinking b) sleeping c) travelling 9) To say I don't know using Irish slang you can say... a) Bang on! b) Hold yer horses c) Having a bolding notion 10) Hold yer horses means.... a) be careful! b) Wait a minute! c) Your horses are escaping!




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