“I want to feel better.” “I want to have more ____.” “I want to lose ____.” “I want to live a ____ life.” These were thoughts Kate had often. She decided to ____ walking ten ____ a day. She walked in the ____ before going to ____. The first week was ​____​. She did not like ____ up early. But Kate ____ walking. She ____ a friend to walk with her. They helped each ____ stay ____ and moving. By the third ____, Kate could feel her ____ ​craving​ the daily ____. Once she was out the ____ and moving, she ____ great! Walking was making a ____ in her life. She did not feel as ____. She was more ____ at work and had more ____. She was also craving healthier ____. Kate started walking ____ minutes a day. She took ____ strides and pumped her ____. She could feel her ____ working. Some of those muscles had not been worked in a long time. ​ Soon Kate was ____ thirty minutes a day! Her ____ was really pumping. She was ____ fat and ____ muscle. She was ____ weight. Kate was ____ and happier. Life was great!




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