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When entering a new password on the system you need to confirm the new password to make sure they match - double entry, If you were booking a holiday online you would only have certain dates available for booking you could use a - Range check, when choosing a day of the week, you would choose a option from a list of days - Look up fixed value, When entering a national insurance number, this validation would check that the correct pattern of letters and numbers had been entered - format check, When an author finishes a book they need to make sure that there are no mistakes before its sent to the publishers - Proof reading, when ordering a certain amount of an item, this could be used to ensure only numbers are entered - type check, While filling out a form where your name is compulsory you would need a - presence check, At the start of term students are given a print out of their contact details to check - print out, Bank account numbers have one of these added to ensure the account number is valid - check digit, Cross checking the title and gender - Cross field check, Value would be between a minimum and maximum value - Range Check, In companies they may have all the employees dates of birth however, you would need all the dates to have the same layout - format check,

validation and verification examples

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