1) A landscape with a lot of mountains is ...  a) mountainy b) mountainous c) mountainly d) mountainful 2) A landscape with a lot of hills is ... a) hilly b) hillous c) hillful d) hilled 3) A landscape with a lot of forests is ... a) foresty b) forestous c) forestful d) forested 4) A landscape with a lot of lakes and water is called ... a) lakeland b) wetland c) riverland d) waterland 5) A very dry landscape is called ... a) dryful b) dryous c) arid d) aridous 6) A landscape with no plants and lots of sand is called ... a) desiert b) dessert c) dezert d) desert 7) A city with lots of different cultures is ... or ... a) cosmopolitan b) cultural c) cultured d) multicultural 8) A city with a lot of people and activity is ... or ... a) bullicous b) bustling c) lively d) polluted 9) A very old place is called ... a) antique b) ancient c) primitive d) older 10) People who help you are ... a) serviceable b) simpatic c) helpful d) helply 11) Kind and pleasant people are ... a) simpatic b) friendful c) friendous d) friendly 12) People who are happy to give others what they need are ... a) generous b) simpatic c) friendly d) serviceable




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