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I / load / the dishwasher / at the moment, I / use my computer / at the moment, My friends and I / talk on the phone / now, My dad / do the ironing / now, My mum / work / at the moment, I / do / the cooking / at the moment, My mum / put the rubbish out / at the moment, My mum and I / clean / my bedroom , I / have / an English lesson / now, My dog / sleep / at the moment, My parents / do / the cooking / now, My parents / lay the table / now, My teacher and I / chat / online, I / sit at my desk, My dog / eating an ice cream, I / feed my dog / now, My friend and I / walk the dog / now, My mum/ do / the vacuuming, My dad / wash the car / now, My best friend / war / a skirt / today, I/ wear blue jeans / today .

present continuous - przeczenia

by Mrutowska1


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