If I am busy tomorrow, I will not go out with my friends., Will you go to bed earlier if you are tired?, If my dad does not have time at the weekend, he will not go on a business trip., If I don't want to cook, I will order some food., If I lose my job next month, I will claim benefits., When we want to pay, we will ask the waiter to bring us the bill., When I go on pension, I will travel more., If your salary is not big enough, you will need to find one more job., When I go to study abroad, I will receive a scholarship from my university., I will pay you back when I get my salary., If her ex-husband did not pay maintenance, Marta would be poor., If there were an ATM near my house, I would withdraw money there., If I had enough money to buy a car, I would not need to take out a loan., You would get a bonus if you worked more., If I were rich I would buy a house without any mortgage., We would keep the receipt if we needed it., If I had some cash, I would not be paying by card., Would you give me some dough if I were broke?,




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