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1) She loves Maciek. Maciek loves ... a) him b) her c) she 2) It's my favourite book. I like to read ... a) it b) that c) her 3) The flowers are so beautiful! I love ... a) her b) him c) them 4) My teddy bears are great. I like ... a) him b) me c) them 5) You can do the homework ! You can do ... a) them b) us c) it 6) They like to visit ... a) she b) he c) us 7) Bring me the book. Bring me ... a) them b) you c) it 8) I love my English teacher. I love ... a) him b) her c) it 9) "Where are my glasses?" "You are wearing ... !" a) them b) him c) us 10) "Do you like apples?""I love...'' a) us b) you c) them 11) "My mother is fantastic! I like..  very much."  a) she b) her c) him 12) I am reading the book to my little sister. a) her b) us c) him 13) The boys are riding their bikes. a) it b) them c) her 14) My father is writing a letter to John. a) me b) her c) him 15) I don't know the answer. a) it b) her c) him 16) Sally is going to see Anne. a) her b) him c) me 17) Open the window, please. a) it b) them c) us 18) Can you tell the people the way to the airport, please? a) you b) them c) us 19) The books are for Peter. a) her b) him c) you 20) Can you help my sister and me, please? a) them b) us c) you

object pronouns klasa 5 steps plus


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