1) My pizza was delicious! a) I did not like my pizza b) I liked my pizza c) I did not appreciate my pizza 2) I did not pay for this program a) This program was free b) This program was expensive c) This program was cheap 3) Fuel is expensive a) Fuel is free b) Fuel costs a lot c) Fuel costs little 4) This jacket is cheap a) This jacket is free b) This jacket costs a lot c) This jacket costs little 5) Excellent food. I will come again to this restaurant a) I will not return to this restaurant b) I will return to this restaurant c) I will not come again to this restaurant 6) Food here was disgusting a) I liked food here b) I did not like food here c) Food here was delicious 7) Food here was excellent a) I liked food here b) I did not like food here c) Food was disgusting 8) I think milk is best for breakfast a) I prefer  milk for breakfast b) I do not like milk for breakfast c) Milk is disgusting 9) You and I are both eating pizza a) we are eating the same dish b) we are eating different dishes c) we are not eating at all 10) You like history, I like maths a) we like the same subject b) we like different subjects c) we do not like any subject 11) I am nervous a) I am not calm b) I like pizza c) I am happy 12) History is the subject I like best a) My favourite subject is history b) I hate history c) I do not like history 13) My favourite animals are dolphins a) I do not like dolphins b) I like dolphins best c) I dislike dolphins 14) Would you like a cookie? a) How do you feel? b) I want a cookie c) How about a cookie? 15) How about a cup of milk? a) I need a cup of milk b) Would you like a cup of milk? c) I do not want milk




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