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Thomas Becket refuses to take back the bishops he had excommunicated when he returned from exile. , Henry II exclaims, "Who will rid me of the troublesome priest?!", Hugh de Morville, William de Traci, Reginald FitzUrse and Richard le Breton travel to Canterbury. , Henry II sends a messenger to stop the four knights. He arrives too late to stop the murder. , The four knights arrive in Canterbury, remove their armour and enter the Archbishop's Hall. , The four knights collect their armour and weapons and barge into the cathedral. , Monks try to drag Thomas Becket to safety. He stays and starts morning Mass. , The knights cry, "Where is Thomas Becket, traitor to King and country?!", The first blow hits the back of Thomas Becket and cuts the arm of eyewitness Edward Grim. , The second and third blows bring Thomas Becket to his knees. , Thomas Becket shouts, "In the name of Jesus and for the support of the Church, I am ready to die.", The final blow cuts through Thomas Becket's skull and the sword breaks on the stone floor. , Blood and brain are smeared over the floor of Canterbury Cathedral. , The four knights flee from the scene of the murder. .

The Murder of Thomas Becket


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