Tone - The mood or atmosphere, First person - The use of the 'I' perspective, Third person - The use of he/she/they perspective, Protagonist - The main character, Antagonist - Opposes the main character, Rising action - An event that gets the story going, Exposition - The setting of the scene/introduction of characters, Falling action - What happens as a result of the climax, Climax - The big dramatic moment, Resolution - The ending (not always happy!), Irony - The opposite of what we expect, Setting - Place/time of the story, Narrator - The 'voice' of the story, Conflict - The struggle/problem in the story, Dramatic irony - When the reader knows more than the characters, Omnisicient narrator - When the narrator is all knowing, Plot - The order of events in a story, Theme - The main idea in a story, Direct characterisation - What an author tells us about a character, Indirect characterisation - How we judge a character-their actions/speech etc, Moral - The lesson we are meant to learn, Dynamic character - A character that grows or changes, Static character - A character that stays the same, Rounded character - A character that is real/we find out a lot, Flat character - A character that is not developed-a type,




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