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Variable you change - Dependent, Variable you measure - Independent, Variable you keep the same - Control, A group that allows direct comparison - Control, Close to the true value - Accurate, A result that doesn't fit the pattern - Anomaly, Results that have little variation - Precise, The spread of the data - Range, When a link appears between variables - Correlation, The likelihood of a hypothesis being corrcet - Probability, A suggested explanation - Hypothesis, A well defined method - Protocol, A representative set of data - Sample, Investigation that is repeatable - Reliability, Data generated by a fair test - Valid, Dummy pill for control group - Placebo, How to gather non-biased data - Randomly, When a link is proven - Causal, A simple statistical summary of the data - Mean, Repeat sets of measurements - Replicates, Cherry picked samples show this - Bias, Done to equimpent to avoid errors - Calibrate, Data in whole numbers - Discrete, Date that has been proven valid - Evidence, Error that keeps on occuring - Systematic, Plot of two continuous variables - Line graph, Plot of continuos against ordered variable - Bar chart, Plot of two possibly unrelated continuos variable - Scattergraph, Conversion to this allows comparison - Percentage, These should be labelled on graphs - Axes,

AS HSW keyword definitions

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