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1) What's this? a) It's a pumpkin. b) It's ghost. c) It's a witch. 2) When is Halloween? a) 1st November b) 30th October c) 31st October 3) What's this? a) It's a black dog. b) It's a black cat. c) It's a black bat. 4) Is she a witch? a) No, she isn't. b) Yes, she is. 5) What's this? a) It's a bat. b) It's a dog. c) It's a cat. 6) What are they wearing? a) They are wearing a skeleton dress. b) They are wearing a pumpkin dress. c) They are wearing a fancy dress costumes. 7) What is this? a) This is a ghost mask. b) This is a scary mask. c) This is a witch mask. 8) What's this game? a) It's trick or threat. b) It's a hopscotch. c) It's a game of the goose 9) What is this? a) This is a candle. b) This is a cake. c) This is a pumpkin. 10) What is this? a) This is a pumpkin. b) This is a mummy. c) This is a ghost. 11) What is this? a) It's a haunted house. b) It's a a house. c) It's a a castle. 12) Who is this? a) He is Santa Claus. b) She is Barbie. c) He is Jack O'Lantern.

Halloween quiz 2018/2019


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