1) was a) be b) cost c) get up d) drink 2) had a) have b) cut c) leave d) buy 3) made a) make b) read c) do d) cut 4) taught a) teach b) get up c) read d) be 5) put a) put b) do c) become d) make 6) bought a) have b) fall c) buy d) do 7) ate a) eat b) cost c) get up d) buy 8) got a) buy b) get up c) come d) cost 9) went a) win b) become c) go d) send 10) spoke a) speack b) find c) leave d) come 11) won a) read b) eat c) go d) win 12) left a) be b) leave c) cost d) begin 13) cut a) go b) have c) cut d) sing 14) fell a) fall b) have c) eat d) make 15) sang a) sing b) make c) buy d) eat 16) came a) come b) fall c) be d) find 17) read a) read b) cut c) begin d) drink 18) did a) find b) speack c) do d) be 19) drank a) drink b) go c) put d) make 20) became a) put b) go c) make d) become 21) found a) buy b) find c) begin d) be 22) began a) begin b) drink c) go d) teach 23) sent a) fall b) send c) win d) read 24) cost a) teach b) cost c) buy d) cut

verbi irregolari verbi infinito past simple




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