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Have you got any cousins?, What's the weather like today?, How old are you?, What's your name? Spell it!, Do you like pizza? , Have you got any brothers or sisters?, Do you like History?, Has he got a pet?, Do you like animals?, What are your parents’ names?, Where do you live?, Where are you going next summer?, Do you go to school on Sunday?, What time does school start?, What’s your favourite sport?, Do you like music?, What’s your favourite school subject? , How old is your mother?, When is your birthday?, What’s your favourite day of the week?, What is today’s date?, Who is your best friend? , What did you do yesterday?, Are you good at English?, Is your mum good at cooking?, Can you play a musical instrument?, Were you at home yesterday?, What did you do last Sunday?, Are you playing tennis today?, Did you do your homework?, Can your dad cook?, Did you speak English last summer?, Can you speak French?, Has your mother got a car?, Did you have breakfast yesterday?, What are you doing?, Where did you go yesterday?, When did you go to the cinema?, Where are you from?, When do you usually do your homework?, What time is it?, Do your grandparents watch TV?, What did you watch on TV yesterday?, What are you going to eat today?, What do you do in your free time?, How often do you go to the cinema?.

Give suitable answers to these questions


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