1) Il gioco di Luca a) Luca's game b) Luca' game c) The game is Luca 2) I film dei Minions a) Minions of films b) films their Minions c) Minions' films 3) La scuola dei ragazzi  a) The boys' school b) The boys's school c) The school's boys 4) I nonni di Giovanni a) Giovanni's grandparents b) Giovanni grandparent's c) Grandparent's Giovanni 5) La musica di Lucas a) Lucas's music b) Lucas' music c) Lucas music 6) La casa di Andrea e Luigi a) Andrea and Luigi's house b) Andrea's and Luigi's house c) Andrea and Luigi house's 7) I libri di Harry Potter a) Harry's Potter books b) Harry Potters' books c) Harry Potter's books 8) La mamma di Lucy a) Lucys' mother b) Lucy's mother c) The mother is Lucy's 9) Il cane di Paolo a) Paolo's dog b) Paolos dog's c) Dog's Paolo 10) Le bici di Anthony e Sarah a) Anthony and Sarah's bike b) Anthony and Sarah's bikes c) Anhony's and Sarah's bikes 11) I fratelli di Emma a) Emma brother's b) Emma's fathers c) Emma's brothers 12) I gatti di mia zia a) My aunt's cats b) The my aunt's cats c) My aunt cat's




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