1) Butterflies are __________________ than beetles. a) more beautiful b) beautifuler 2) My sister is ____________________ than me. a) more young b) younger 3) The bed is _____________________ than the sofa. a) more comfortable b) comfortabler 4) A helicopter is ____________________ than a car. a) more expensive b) expensiver 5) These shoes are ______________ than those. a) more clean b) cleaner 6) I think pies are _____________ than cakes. a) more delicious b) deliciousler 7) Some scorpions are _______________ than some snakes. a) more dangerous b) dangerousler 8) My mother is _____________ than my father. a) more old b) older 9) The USA is ________________ than Portugal. a) more big b) bigger 10) Taylor Swift is ________________ than Now United. a) more famous b) famousler 11) The Flash is _____________ than Superman. a) more fast b) faster




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