People use their cell phones many times a day in many different places., They talk in the car or on a bus. They talk in the store or at the mall., The growing use of cell phones has also created a growing culture of rude behavior., People are becoming so used to seeing and hearing cell phones that some have forgotten proper cell phone etiquette., Yes, there are some do’s and don’ts of cell phone use., One of the worst habits of cell phone users is “cell yell,” or loud conversations in public places., Cell phone users need to respect the personal space of those around them., Loud, long rings are annoying., One should keep the ringer at a low volume or better yet, turn it to vibrate., An easy adage to remember is, if the lights are off, your cell phone should be off too., If the spotlight is not on you, you shouldn’t be talking. , Respect the rules of those places that request no cell phone use on their site., The next time you turn on your beloved cell phone, think of those around you..

Where Are Your Cell Phone Manners? -- Sentence Scramble




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