How do you ____ what to ____ someone? Do you ____ their first name or ____ name? Is it Mr., Mrs., Miss, ____ Ms.? This ____ is a difficult one. Knowing what to call ____ can be very ____! In a ____ setting, people ____ use their first names. If you were ____ to Tom Hunt at a ____, you would call him Tom. If you ____ Mary Redwood at a park, you ____ call her Mary. ____ settings tend to be different. When you first meet an ____, you should ____ him or her by their ____ name. However, some ____ like to be ____ by their first names. Use the employer’s last name ____ he or she says, “Call me by my first name.” Women may use the ____ of Miss, Mrs., or Ms. What’s the difference ____ them? Ms. is used for ____ women, whether they are married or ____. Miss shows that a woman is ____. Mrs. ____ that a woman is married. ____ what to call people ____ be very confusing. When you’re not ____, ____ what they prefer to be called.




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