1) the ice in the Arctic and Antarctic a) drought b) rainforests c) the ice caps 2) cutting down a forest a) climate change b) deforestation c) fossil fuels 3) the Earth is getting hotter a) climate change b) greenhouse gases c) pollution 4) harmful chemicals in the air or water a) hurricanes b) climate change c) pollution 5) These produce electricity a) hurricanes b) power stations c) the ice caps 6) coal, oil and gas a) fossil fuels b) pollution c) drought 7) tropical storms a) CO2 b) hurricanes c) rainforests 8) gases that trap the sun´s heat a) CO2 b) drought c) greenhouse gases 9) carbon dioxide a) greenhouse gases b) CO2 c) pollution 10) when there is no rain for a long time a) tropical storms b) deforestation c) drought 11) the tropical forests a) rainforests b) power stations c) fossil fuels




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