1) afraid/scared/frightened ___ a) about b) with c) of d) by e) on 2) apologize ___ (person) _____ (thing) a) to, for b) with, for c) to, about d) with, about e) on, about f) for, on 3) laugh ___ a) of b) about c) for d) on e) at 4) angry ___ (person)____ (thing) a) to, about b) with, about c) to, for d) with, for e) on, for 5) pleased ___ a) with b) about c) on d) for e) at 6) be fond ___ a) for b) with c) about d) on e) of 7) tired ___ a) with b) about c) of d) for e) at f) on 8) remind___ a) on b) of c) about d) at e) for f) from 9) be keen ___ a) at b) for c) in d) on e) with 10) to be fed up ___ a) on b) about c) with d) at e) for f) of 11) rude/kind ___ a) to b) about c) on d) for e) with f) of 12) interested ___ a) of b) on c) in d) about e) with f) for 13) married ____ (person) a) with b) for c) at d) on e) to 14) look forward ___ a) to b) on c) about d) from e) upon f) into 15) dream ____ a) for b) about c) in d) of e) with f) on 16) arrive ___ (city) a) at b) in c) to

Dependent Prepositions





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