1) fruit that grows on a tree a) pair b) pear 2) Where whales and dolphins live a) sea b) see 3) beef, chicken, lamb, pork a) meet b) meat 4) shirt, trousers, shorts a) clothes b) close 5) hot ball of burning gas in the sky a) son b) sun 6) What you do with your eyes a) see b) sea 7) couple a) pair b) pear 8) hot spicy flavouring a) chilli b) chilly 9) Mother's child a) sun b) son 10) dog or cat's feet a) paws b) pause 11) See someone for the first time a) meet b) meat 12) What you do with your eyes a) sea b) see 13) belonging to us a) our b) hour 14) sixty minutes a) hour b) our 15) colourful part of a plant a) flower b) flour 16) lines, opposite of columns a) rose b) rows 17) opposite of low a) hi b) high 18) to shut or seal or end something a) clothes b) close 19) white powder used for baking a) flour b) flower

VFO Homophones for L1 ESOL




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