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This is usually a problem that older people get. - Dementia, This disorder leaves people feeling unhappy and unable to do anything. - Depression, This is when people hear voices in their heads. - Schizophrenia, This is when a person has a fear of one particular thing. - Obsessive Complusive Disorder, This is when a person becomes very worried for no real reason. - Anxiety Disorder, Anorexia, This is when people go from feeling very happy to very sad. - Manic Depression, Agoraphobia is a fear of what? - Open space, This disorder means that people do the same thing over and over. - Obsessive Compulsive Disorder, This is a fear of spiders. - Arachniphobia, This usually affects younger people and makes them very hyperactive. - ADHD, They become overwhelmed by their fears. - Anxiety Disorder,

Mental health grid

by Anonymous


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