1) Kate___________ drums. a) has never played b) have never played c) have never play d) has never play 2) John and Mary___________ an elephant. a) have ever saw b) haven't never see c) hasn't never seen d) have never seen 3) I ___________ my old computer. a) have sold b) has sold c) have selled d) has sald 4) We _______ to Paris. a) hasn't ever been b) has never been c) have never been d) have ever be 5) The children ___________ their homework. a) have played b) has done c) have done d) have listened 6) It ___________ a perfect day. a) have been b) has was c) has were d) has been 7) ______ ever________ anything? a) has you ever won b) has you ever win c) have you ever won d) have you ever win 8) We___________ football many times. a) have played b) has played c) have plaied d) has plaied 9) ___________any information for our project? a) Have you finded b) Have you find c) Have you found d) Has you found 10) ___________ a pet? a) Have your friends ever had b) Has your friends never have c) Has your friends ever had d) Have your friends never have 11) My mum _________ Poznań. a) has never visited b) have never visited c) has ever visited d) has ever visit 12) You _________ anything to eat today. a) haven't have b) haven't had c) hasn't had 13) I have known Tom _________10 years. a) for b) since c) just 14) _________been to England? a) Has you ever b) Have you just c) Have you ever 15) We _________ our breakfast yet. a) haven't eaten b) haven't ate c) hasn't eaten 16) My mum _________ emails. a) have sended nine b) have send nine c) has send nine d) has sent nine 17) _________a new house ? a) Have she bought b) Has he buy c) Has she bought 18) ____________ a famous person? a) Has they never meet b) Have they ever met c) Have they ever meet d) Has they ever met




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