1) Where Did The Powhatan Indians Live? a) Coastal Plain b) Piedmont c) Appalachian Plateau d) Blue Ridge Mountains e) Valley & Ridge f) Chesapeake Bay 2) What Were The 3 Sisters? a) Corn b) Tabacco c) Bean d) Cotton e) Squash f) Weed 3) Who Could Grant Charters? a) King James 1st b) Colonist c) Loyalist d) George Washington 4) When Was Jamestown Founded? a) 1607 b) 1619 c) 1620 5) What Was Jamestown In 1607 a) A Peninsula b) An Island c) A Valley d) Plateau 6) What Is Jamestown Today? a) A Valley b) An Island c) A Peninsula 7) Who Financed The Settlement? a) The Virginia Company Of London b) King James The 1st c) The Colonist d) Patrick Henry 8) Who Said, "He Who Shall Not Work, Shall Not Eat!"? a) President Washington b) Captain Smith c) King James The 1st 9) What Hardships Did The Setterlers Face? a) The Site They Chose Was Marshy b) It Lacked Safe Drinking Water c) People Died Of Diseases d) Died Of Diseases e) They Kept Running Out Of Gold f) The Murdered Too Many Native Peoples 10) What Did The Powhatans Trade? a) Tools b) Leather c) Fur d) Food e) Pots f) Copper Jewelry 11) What Did The Settlers Trade? a) Food b) Copper Jewelry c) Fur d) Tools e) Leather f) Pots 12) What Was The Cash Crop? a) Tobacco b) Corn c) Beans d) Squash e) Cotton 13) What Year Did The Women Come To Jamestown? a) 1619 b) 1719 c) 1620 d) 1720 e) 1607 f) 1707 14) What Year Did The African-Americans Come To Jamestown? a) 1619 b) 1719 c) 1620 d) 1720 e) 1607 f) 1707 15) Were The African-Americans Forced To Come Or Made The Choice? a) They Made The Choice. b) It Was Against Their Will. 16) What Is A Charter? a) A Written Rule From The Government b) The Signing Saying Your Countries At Peace c) A Written Document About A Monarch




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