1) I am too busy these days so I ... some duties to my secretary. a) glitch b) delegated c) virtual d) mix business with pleasure 2) The editor of this magazine is known for his support of ... writers. a) novice b) apply c) personnel d) to 3) There is a ...certainty that Macron will win the presidential election.  a) personnel b) attend c) virtual d) delegated 4) Employer and employee are parties ... the employment contract. a) dismissed b) personnel c) to d) glitch 5) Will I still receive a ... if I take sick leave? a) novice b) a hot mess c) remuneration d) mix business with pleasure 6) A lot of ... were laid-off due to a shortage of work. a) personnel b) a hot mess c) virtual d) glitch 7) White-collar workers earn a ..., blue-collar workers get wages. a) virtual b) apply c) salary d) glitch 8) If an employee commits gross misconduct, they might be demoted or even .... a) a hot mess b) emotional distress c) personnel d) dismissed 9) Why do you have to be ..., why can't you be more organised? a) a hot mess b) remuneration c) attend d) glitch 10) Oh no, not another ..., my computer keeps on acting up! a) glitch b) salary c) oracy d) attend 11) If you want to resit the exam, ... for it on our webpage. a) apply b) personnel c) novice d) attend 12) I like to ... seminars on various areas of law. a) emotional distress b) salary c) virtual d) attend 13) The defendant is being sued for the ... he caused the plaintiff. a) virtual b) dismissed c) emotional distress d) oracy 14) Some of my fellow lawyers are good at ..., but I am less eloquent. a) apply b) oracy c) novice d) emotional distress 15) I like to ... when I go on business trips. a) mix business with pleasure b) glitch c) to d) oracy




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