1) He is kicking ____ ball. a) he b) his c) her 2) ____ is eating her dinner. a) He b) She c) Her 3) ___ got a new puppy, the puppy is _____. a) Her, shes b) She, her c) She, hers 4) ___ are playing together. a) He b) Them c) They 5) ____ got a new puppy, the puppy is _____. a) He, his b) Her, she c) Him, his 6) ____ are playing with ____ toys. a) Hims, his b) They, their c) Them, their 7) ____ is eating his dinner. a) Him b) She c) He 8) ___ has a cat. The cat belongs to ____. a) She, her b) Her, she c) She, hers 9) ___ is driving ___ car. a) Him, hims b) He, his c) Him, hes 10) ____ is learning how to ride ____ bike. a) Her, her b) She, hers c) She, her




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