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1) Religious occasions in Qatar. a) Eid Al-Fitr b) Sports Day c) National Day 2) National occasions in Qatar. a) Eid Al-Adha b) National Day c) World Health Day 3) Sports  occasions in Qatar.  a) National Day b) World Environment Day c) Sports Day 4) Eid Al- fitr is on ........ a) 18th December  b) 1st Shawaal c) 10th Dhul Hijja 5) Eid Al-Adha is on ........ a) 10th Dhul Hijja b) 18th December c) 1st Shawaal 6) Qatar National Day is on .......... a) 18th December b) 1st Shawaal c) 10th Dhul Hijja

Qatar History year 3 lesson 2 occasions in Qatar


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