1) TO CARRY ON a) to stop doing something b) to continue doing something c) to do something 2) TO PLUG IN a) to insert a plug so to start an electrical circuit b) to shut an electrical circuit c) to burn an electrical circuit 3) TO MAXIMIZE a) to bring prices up b) to get the most out of a situation c) to gain weight 4) TO SET UP a) to navigate b) to prepare for a journey c) to organize a plan, to make a machine ready to work 5) TO DROP OFF a) to accompany for a short distance b) to deposit or deliver during a usually brief stop  c) to return something to somebody 6) TO DEMAND a) to ask something in an authoritative way b) to require something in an authoritative way c) to apply for a job 7) TO MITIGATE a) to recover from an illness b) to make less severe or painful c) to make a place warmer 8) TO CHECK OUT a) to pay with a cheque b) to investigate, to inspect c) to sign a document 9) TO TAKE BACK a) to return home b) to regret something that was said c) to reconsider something that was said 10) TO GET MAD a) to get angry b) to get excited c) to get worried 11) TO PRETEND a) to ask for something b) to invent something c) to fake something 12) TO IMPROVE a) to make something better b) to invent something c) to fake something 13) TO PICK UP a) to stop a vehicle b) to move (passengers or freight) with a vehicle c) to take (passengers or freight) into a vehicle 14) TO LOOSE ONES TEMPER a) to loose control of ones emotions b) to get depressed c) to get mad 15) TO DOUBLE CHECK a) to make a second examination or verification b) to pay twice c) to leave and to immediately come back 16) TO UNPLUG a) to return an item b) to disconnect by removing a plug from an electrical connection c) to undo something 17) TO UNWIND a) to fall asleep b) to be relieved of tension, to relax c) to undo something




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