1) able to be heard a) audible b) audio c) dictation d) audition 2) To test or try out for a short performance. a) audio b) contradict c) audition d) audience 3) Sound, especially when recorded, transmitted, or re-produced a) audition b) audience c) predict d) audio 4) An act of saying what will or might happen in the future a) contradict b) predict c) verdict d) dictate 5) To say the opposite of; to deny the truth of a) contradict b) predict c) verdict d) dictate 6) To say or read aloud to be recorded or written by another a) predict b) contradict c) dictate d) verdict 7) A final decision such as one that a jury says after the trial of a case a) verdict b) predict c) contradict d) dictate 8) Aiden was able to ____ the outcome of the game. a) audition b) predict c) contradict d) audible 9) Which option best explains what an audition is? a) someone singing in front of an audience b) people putting on a show for others c) a date for you to attend d) someone putting on a performance to make it into a show 10) The judge gave a final ____ for the case. a) predict b) verdict c) contradicted d) audible 11) The speaker was not ____ during the presentation due to a faulty microphone. a) predicted b) attentive c) audition d) audible 12) If I read you the directions before a test, I did what? a) contradicted the directions b) dictated the directions c) audible the directions d) predicted the directions




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