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1) My name is Tom. ______ am 13 years old. a) I b) You c) He d) It e) We 2) My dog is small. _______ is naughty, too. a) He b) She c) I d) It 3) My sister and I are at home. ________ are watching TV. a) We b) They c) I d) You 4) This is my new toy. ______ is made of wood. a) He b) It c) She d) They 5) Hi! How are ________ today, Tom? a) I b) he c) she d) you 6) My mum is a nurse. ________ works in a big hospital. a) I b) He c) She d) You 7) Jack and Bill are in the park. ________ are running. a) They b) We c) I d) He 8) My brother is small. ______ is only one year old. a) She b) It c) I d) He 9) You and I are going to the supermarket. ______ need some bread and milk. a) I b) We c) You d) They 10) What's the weather like today? _____ is warm and sunny. a) I b) He c) It d) They 11) Today’s my mum’s birthday! I want to buy _____ some flowers. a) her b) she c) it 12) Our teacher never gives _____ lots of homework. a) we b) us c) our 13) My sister likes Brad Pitt. I don’t like ____ . a) him b) he c) his 14) Where are my books? I can’t find _______! a) it b) they c) them 15) The window is open and it is cold today. Can you close ____. a) it b) Its c) him 16) Helen is my favorite aunt. I meet _____ at the weekend. a) he b) she c) her 17) Dad likes rap music. ____ often listen to ___ in the afternoon. a) Him / it b) He / it c) He / its 18) I am late. Don’t wait for ____. a) me b) I c) my 19) This is your Maths homework for today. Do ____! a) their b) it c) them 20) He is thirsty. Can you give _____ some water, please? a) his b) he c) him 21) Sam and Jack are going to the concert! Do you want to go with _____? a) them b) they c) their 22) Show ___ your new cd, please? I want to listen to ____! a) I / it b) me / it c) me / its 23) Where is my cat? I can’t find ______ anywhere! a) it b) its c) he

PERSONAL pronouns : object or subject?


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