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Richmond Deer, \u00a1Abran el puente que voy! / Open up the bridge that I am going!, Hyde Park, London, Greenwich, Royal Naval College and view to Docklands, Swan - EPping Forest, Britannia Village nr Royal Victoria Dock, Excelente d\u00eda para un picnic en Richmond / Wonderful day to enjoy a picnic in Richmond, La rueda delantera de la enorme bicicleta de Laughingmackerel y M\u00f3nica Sablone / The front weel of big bike of Laughingmackerel & M\u00f3nica Sablone, \u00a1En la calle al fin!, caballero \u00bfme puede decir que hora es? / On the street at last!, gentleman can you tell me what\u00b4s the time?, London Eye, Richmond Deer, Trafalgar Square (London), Richmond Deer, View to Docklands with Royal Naval College, Greenwich, Docklands from Greenwich, City of London as seen from Richmond Park at Dawn,


by Anonymous


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