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December 1, 1955, Rosa was on a [bus] to go home after a [hard] day at work. Rosa [sat] in a seat in the few rows designated for the [coloured] passengers. Montgomery bus [drivers] could ask coloured passengers to [give up] their seats for white [passengers] when no other seats were [available.] That particular day, the bus was filling up with passengers. The bus driver [noticed] that many white passengers were standing, so he [moved] the line that separated the white and coloured people [back] a row. Three out of the four passengers [agreed] to move; however, Rosa [did] not.  The bus driver [called] the police and Rosa [was] arrested.  Although many people believe Rosa refused to give up her seat [because] she was physically tired, the real reason is different. Rosa was sick and [tired] of the treatment of coloured people and giving in. She knew exactly what she was doing by [refusing] to give up her seat. Later that night, she was released on bail..


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